Medical Camp

Our organisation wants to organize a medical camp in Kerala, India for the flood victims. Due to heavy rains and water overflow, more than a thousand people have suffered injuries. With water clogged everywhere, there is an outbreak of diseases like dengue, malaria, jaundice and many others. These people are in desperate need of help. As humans, it is our obligation to help other humans in need. It is the time to show our humanity. We want to set up medical camps at high locations where the flooding is likely and provide first aid to all the victims. We have been setting up local donation seminars and other events to raise funds. 

We would be providing the following aids to all the victims:

1. Blood Camp 

2. Bandage and Basic First Aid

3. Treatment/cure for vector borne disease

4. Transportation to hospital for emergency life threatening cases

5. Free of cost medicines and beddings

Please donate to fullest.