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Who Are We?

We are a group of four 3rd year CSE students in India. All four of us possess knowledge about basic and advanced programming languages. With the our combined knowledge, we are able to program in C++, Java, Python,  PHP, Brainf*ck and many other useful languages.

Our Cause

Our group shares a common goal to make a social messaging app which doesn't put limitation on the users. We plan to create a user friendly GUI app that is available in all major communicative platforms like Mobile Phones, Desktop and Web. Most of the social messaging apps have a limit to it. They shall be in the form of text limit, image size limit, paid memberships etc. We aim to eradicate such limitations.


Our app shall have tremendously exclusive features that shall be matched by no other app right now. These are some of the noticeable features that shall be the base of our app:

Free Use

We plan to launch our app as a free software to the outside world. As our we said earlier, we plan to do good for the society and put our customers over our profits.

Privacy Control

You control your privacy. The app lets you decide whether you want to share your data such as display picture, live sessions, mobile number or email with public or not. If you do, you can even specify with whom. Our app ensures no stealing or selling of your data. 

Share Size Limit

We intent to remove this limitation on our app. Our app allows you to share files of any size. The time taken for upload and download of your file solely depends upon your internet connection.

Content Filter

This shall be an optional feature. You can turn it on/off in settings of the app. This feature allows the app to go through the received content and check for explicit content like nudity, pornography or gore violence. Any such material received will be blocked and the sender shall be reported after your consent.


You can customize the app as you wish. Backgrounds, emoticons, text font, text color, language etc. are all customizable. The app also allows you to store the received data on cloud than on your phone's storage.




It shall be available on the following OS:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • MacOS
  • Web Extension



Cloud Space

We need money to buy cloud space on the internet so that all the unique features of our app exist. Cloud Space is the basic need of any limitless sharing app and we need so to make our app distinguished from others.

Cost: $1000 


User Friendly Graphics User Interface is a necessity for any potentious successful app. The visual effects and easy use is the main attraction of all trending apps right now. For such animations and video effects, we need to hire a freelancer who can work productively as well as efficiently.

Cost: $1300 


Promotion Strategy


Developer's Event

We are going to organize a party for the success of our app once it hits 2000 user mark. Top backers will be awarded special accolades for their support and a toast by the team leader shall mark the success story of our app.


We will be giving out quirky wrist bands, graffiti T-shirts and online interactive sessions for the viewers to input their ideas to show how much our users and backers mean to us. 

Beta Testing: We will be giving out the app on a temporary testing basis before the release to gain a pre-launch audience.

Special Backer's Calendar

This is a premium android and iOS app that shall only be given to only the special ones. It is a calendar app which contains all information about holidays and festivals world-wide whether them being religious or national. It is customized as per your need. 


We determine to program a messaging app which shall have features matched by none.

Vaibhav Aggarwal
Group of CS Programmers

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