Easy Travel Bag

The bag is designed especially for travelling purpose to make your trip most comfortable and avoid hassle. It is made of synthetic materials like nylon, polyethylene, carbon and kevlar which provides strength to the bag. 

Dimensions- The bag is 41.6 cm in height and 22.3 cm wide. 

Capacity- The bag is able to hold maximum weight of 8 kilograms without any wear and tear.

Material Used- The bag's framework is made of Nylon, Polyethylene, Carbon, Kevlar and leather. Other yarn material and laces are used to make bag look attractive.



It is waterproof from outside as well as inside. The outer covering of polyethylene prevents water to soak into the bag. The inner separation prevents items in other pockets from an internal leak.

Power House

The bag has an inbuilt battery with two 2.0 USB ports which can be used to charge your phone.

Bottle Holders

The bag has two water bottle holders at its both sides. The pockets are designed with surrounding aluminium foil to maintain the temperature for a long period of time.

Tissue Dispenser

The bag has a special tissue dispensary unit on the front side. The tissues need to be refilled.

Fitness Manager

The bag also tracks your steps and calories burnt using its motion sensors present at the bottom.

Travel with Walkman

Alongside the USB ports, an AUX port have also been setup. Auxiliary devices like earplugs and headphones can be connected to it for music. External USB drive with (.mp3) files need to be connected for this.

Battery Life
The bag has a battery power-bank of 8400 mAh. It provides minimum 2-3 days long power use. The battery shall last even longer depending upon the use. The battery is charged with a micro-USB. It approximately needs 3 hours until full charge.
Our company provides one year warranty. The warranty is only applicable on manufacturing defects and software malfunctions. Extended warranty available for extra pricing.
In The Parcel
Each parcel contains 
  • 1- Easy Travel Bag
  • 1- Micro USB Charger
  • 1- User's Guide
  • 1- Warranty Card

How Funds Will Be Spent

Bag Cloth and Leather                                       $15

Yarn and Kevlar                                                   $10

Sensors                                                                 $15

Battery                                                                  $18

Walkman and Tissue Dispenser                       $15

Packing (per pc)                                                   $2

Cost Price: $75
Estimated Selling Price: $84.99

Funds for Production                                         $1700

Promotion and Launch Party                            $300

Safe Funds                                                            $200

*Launch Event

Product launch events are essential to the existence of businesses. Product launches plays a definitive role in the publicity and success of the product. We will have a launch event when we hit our mark of production of this product. All backers will be mailed invitation and High Definition pictures of the event. The event is expected to happen in October 2019 in Delhi, India. Our company's CEO will announce the price of the bag and date on which these bags shall be available in stores for sale at the event. Depending upon the then financial status, our company is going to be setting up factories worldwide with primary countries being Venezuela, China and Wales. The event will also be available for viewing live on our Facebook page (link given below). Other updates will be provided on same.

Facebook page link- www.taluda.org