Comic Fest


The carnival is planned to happen in September/October 2019.



The carnival will be organised in Delhi, India. Based on the success, other such events shall be organised at different places.


Next year's Comic Fest theme will be Marvel Comics vs DC.

Amusement Park

The fest location will have rides setup to pump up the adrenaline! Virtual Reality Gaming Stall will be setup. Other classic games will available. A graphics design competition will be organised. The participants of this competition shall be given 3 hours to make a Marvel v DC fight scene. The winner will be awarded $50.

The Parade 

Special Parade with dressed Marvel and DC characters will be organised at 6pm on all days of the carnival.

Age Restriction

There is no as such age restriction on the entrance. However, some of the rides in amusement park shall have restrictions based on age, height or weight. Every group have children under 12 years of age must have a guardian (must be at least 18 years old) accompanying them.


Entry Pass

Stag Pass

Entry Passes will be available for purchase at the ticket booth at the carnival. One shall not be allowed to enter the carnival arena unless he/she have an entry pass. These passes shall be available for each individual at the cost of $3.

Family Pass

Family Pass is a combined entry pass for a family of 5 in which 3 are adults and the other two are under the age of 12 years. The pass shall be available at a cost of $10.

Amusement Pass

Amusement pass is a specific individual independent pass that is required to visit the amusement arena at the carnival. The amusement pass is available only on individual basis. Each pass will cost $8.99 .


  • All visitors are advised to bring extra pair of clothes to change after water rides. Dry-pods will not be available. 
  • You are requested to rent a locker and keep all your electronic belongings inside it. The organizing committee shall take no responsibility of lost or broken personal belongings unless they are kept in the locker.
  • You are advised not to carry a digital camera inside the amusement park. Rather, you are advised to rent a waterproof camera from the photograph stalls. The total payable amount shall be determined on hourly basis.

We expect you to maintain discipline and prevent any type of violence/fights.

How Money Will Be Spent

Venue Pre-Booking                                $500

Stalls and Superhero Dress Rent        $300

Food Area Set Up                                   $400

Staff Employment and Decor              $1000

Amusement Park                                   $300

The above listed expenses are the ones that need to be paid before the event. Other expenses that shall occur will be paid through the profits gained from the Entry fare.