Polta, The Smart Shoe



Polta shall potray durability matched to premium footware brands like Nike and Adidas.


Polta shall be equipped with Memory Form to provide comfort when wearing for longer hours. The Memory Form also provides comfort during exercise and long walks. The shoe is light-weighted and has a thick sole.


The shoe has an attractive design with optional laces. Polta will primarily be made in black and white colours. Soon after their release, new colours shall be introduced.

Step Count

Polta counts every step you take. It keeps track of every metre you walked. The statistics shall be available to see on the Polta mobile app.

Calories Burnt

The shoe shall also estimate the calories you burn during the time of exercise. The statistics shall be available to see on the Polta mobile app.

Water Proof

Polta shall be a water proof shoe. The chipset of the shoe is enclosed in a sealed chassis to protect it even when the shoe is submerged in water. This makes the shoe even more sturdy to wear in rain.

On the go

Polta has wheels. Yes, you read that right. That is what makes it special. Tired walking? Then roll! Polta developed a technology to develop greater stability while on wheels. It has variable tangential acceleration to avoid jerks and falling.

How The Funds Would Be Used

Shoe Structure                                                    $80

Wheels and Motors                                            $40

Sensors                                                                 $60

Battery                                                                  $20

Safe Funds                                                            $200

Patent Registration                                              $100

Funds for Rewards and Production                  $1700

Promotion and Launch Party                             $300

Launch Event

I plan to organize a launch party of my company and product once I successfully create and register patent for Polta. Invites will be sent out to the backers who donate $50 or more. The event is likely to happen in December 2019 or later. It will be a small gathering where we shall raise our glasses to the bright future of Polta Co.